Gabriella Varva

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Olive oil flavouring with aromatic plants and spices is a traditional practice in Mediterranean gastronomy. The aim of this work was to compare the influence of two different flavouring techniques (infusion of spices into the oil vs. combined malaxation of olives paste and spices) on chemical and sensory quality of flavoured olive oil. In particular,(More)
A wine was obtained from cryomacerated Minutolo grapes under reductive conditions and aged for 12months in glass container and in 3 types of amphorae. After aging, wines in glass containers showed the highest alcohol content, volatile acidity, dissolved oxygen, concentrations of aromatics, alcohols, and esters and by the lowest contents of enols and(More)
The present research was aimed to evaluate the effects of ageing and type of container on physico-chemical indices and on antioxidant compounds of 'Falanghina' wines. Wines were stored for 12months in raw, glazed, and engobe amphorae, and in stainless steel tanks. Lactic, acetic, citric, succinic, and hydroxycinnamoyl tartaric acids, and the antioxidant(More)
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