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INTRODUCTION When the non-operative treatment of tennis elbow fails to improve the symptoms a surgical procedure can be performed. Many different techniques are available. The percutaneous release of the common extensor origin was first presented by Loose at a meeting in 1962. Despite the simplicity of the operation and its effectiveness in relieving pain(More)
The evolution of medical and surgical therapies allows the increased survival rate of a growing number of children affected by rare pathologies. In this light osteoporotic disease is also of orthopaedic interest as it is sometimes the outward manifestation of serious pathologies (i.e. osteogenesis imperfecta). Sometimes, even in infancy and adolescence,(More)
The values of bone density represent one of the best parameters for the prediction of the risk of fracture in the adult. Since the peak of bone mass depends over that on genetic factors also on modifiable environmental factors, the evaluation of the state of bone health in paediatric populations has assumed great importance; the ultrasound techniques seem(More)
The aim of the study is to appraise the prevalence of the mild defects of the spine or paramorphysm in a normal paediatric population, without orthopaedic pathology, and to verify the possible association with the dysfunctions of the dental apparatus. The recovery of a real association among these pathologies could furnish a sprout for a correct therapeutic(More)
Treatment of tibial infected non-unions with bone and soft tissue loss has to solve three problems: infection, lack of bone continuity and lack of skin coverage. The aims of treatment are infection healing, bone consolidation with preservation of limb length and soft tissue reconstruction. The most important stage in the planning is an accurate débridement.(More)
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