Gabriella Toth

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In this paper, we introduce static execute after (SEA) relationship among program components and present an efficient analysis algorithm. Our case studies show that SEA may approximate static slicing with perfect recall and high precision, while being much less expensive and more usable. When differentiating between explicit and hidden dependencies, our(More)
In change impact analysis, obtaining guidance from automatic tools would be highly desirable since this activity is generally seen as a very difficult program comprehension problem. However, since the notion of an 'impact set' (or dependency set) of a specific change is usually very inexact and context dependent, the approaches and algorithms for computing(More)
Complex Event Processing deals with the detection of complex events based on rules and patterns defined by domain experts. Many complex events require real-time detection in order to have enough time for appropriate reactions. However, there are several events (e.g. credit card fraud) that should be prevented proactively before they occur, not just(More)
Static program slicing is often proposed for software maintenance-related tasks. Due to different causes static slices are in many cases overly conservative and hence too large to reduce the program-part of interest meaningfully. In this paper we further investigate the concept of union slices, which are defined as the unions of dynamic slices computed for(More)
This article examines the debate between Neoliberals and Modernization theorists on the one hand and dependency and world systems theorists on the other about the developmental impact of foreign direct investment in post-communist society. I test six hypotheses derived from this debate with logistic regression on a 1996 large-n random sample survey of(More)
Observing failures and other – desired or undesired – behavior patterns in large scale software systems of specific domains (telecommunication systems, information systems, online web applications, etc.) is difficult. Very often, it is only possible by examining the runtime behavior of these systems through operational logs or traces. However, these systems(More)
For Complex Event Processing (CEP), the synergy with Predictive Analytics (PA) is a promising research direction. In this paper we focus on the inclusion of PA technologies into CEP applications. Involving PA opens a wide range of possibilities in several application fields. However, we have observed that only a few CEP solutions apply PA techniques. We(More)
Software estimation is used in various contexts including cost, maintainability or defect prediction. To make the estimate, different models are usually applied based on attributes of the development process and the product itself. However, often only one type of attributes is used, like historical process data or product metrics, and rarely their(More)