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  • G Miller
  • 2000
According to most evolutionary psychologists, human psychological adaptations can be recognized by criteria such as high efficiency, high complexity, high modularity, low phenotypic variance, low genotypic variance, low heritability, universality across cultures, and universality across individuals. These criteria are appropriate for adaptations that have(More)
Veterans often apply to the Department of Veterans' Affairs to have their hypertension accepted as related to their war service. Claims may be rejected on the grounds that stress does not affect hypertension. Veterans' organisations often recommend an appeal and general practitioners may then become involved. This article was written to help the(More)
This article describes a semi-industrial method for the production of formalinized poliomyelitis vaccine developed during 1956. The general technique followed that originally devised by Salk with modifications developed locally. The vaccine was tested for safety and innocuity according to the Minimum Requirements laid down by the United States Public Health(More)
  • G Miller
  • 2014
Newly qualified theatre nurses could benefit from a wider national availability of university based education specifically for theatre practice from which to develop both the technical and nontechnical skills of their role to enhance the delivery of optimum, safe and sensitive patient care. They would be better prepared for challenging situations and(More)