Gabriella Edfeldt

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Medical research is developing an ever greater need for comprehensive high-quality data generation to realize the promises of personalized health care based on molecular biomarkers. The nucleic acid proximity-based methods proximity ligation and proximity extension assays have, with their dual reporters, shown potential to relieve the shortcomings of(More)
BACKGROUND With seasonal outbreaks affecting millions of people each year and devastating pandemics, human influenza is a major health concern. The pandemic threat includes highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses (HPAIVs) that gained the ability to infect humans in Asia and quickly spread throughout the world. Major concerns have been raised regarding(More)
Current methods widely deployed for colorectal cancers (CRC) screening lack the necessary sensitivity and specificity required for population-based early disease detection. Cancer-specific protein biomarkers are thought to be produced either by the tumor itself or other tissues in response to the presence of cancers or associated conditions. Equally, known(More)
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