Gabriella Dardanoni

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BACKGROUND K-ras mutations, one of the earliest events observed in colorectal carcinogenesis, are mostly found in codons 12 and 13, and less frequently in codon 61, all three of which are estimated to be critical for the biological activity of the protein. Nevertheless the prognostic significance of such mutations remains controversial. Our purpose was to(More)
Epidemiological studies on pancreaticpseudocysts are retrospective analyses on alcoholicpatients. The aims of this study were to investigate theincidence, natural history, and predictors of theappearance and disappearance of pancreatic fluidcollections and pseudocysts after nonalcoholic acutepancreatitis. We carried out a prospective cohort studyin a series(More)
BACKGROUND Although Ki-ras and TP53 mutations have probably been the genetic abnormalities most exhaustively implicated and studied in colorectal cancer (CRC) progression, their significance in terms of disease relapse and overall survival has not yet clearly been established. PATIENTS AND METHODS A prospective study was carried out on paired tumor and(More)
A case-control study has been carried out among women attending a screening service in Palermo (Sicily) from 1974 through 1983 to ascertain the distribution of the most frequently investigated risk factors for breast cancer in a southern European population. Information has been obtained from the archives of the screening service. The analysis was(More)
BACKGROUND The steadily increasing incidence of thyroid cancer has been attributed mostly to more sensitive thyroid nodule screening. However, various environmental factors, such as those associated with volcanic areas, cannot be excluded as risk factors. We evaluated thyroid cancer incidence in Sicily, which has a homogenous population and a province(More)
A case-control study on breast, cervix and endometrium cancer cases registered in Ragusa between January 1, 1983 and June 30, 1985 has been conducted. Information on risk factors has been obtained by means of a structured questionnaire. Risk factors for endometrium cancer were: few children (1–2 vs > 4 OR 15.18, 95%CL 1.96–117.64), oestrogenic treatment (OR(More)
Ascites and pleural and pericardial effusions can be observed during acute pancreatitis. The aims of this study were to evaluate their incidence, natural history, and prognostic role in patients with acute pancreatitis. One hundred patients consecutively admitted with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis were prospectively submitted to abdominal, pleural, and(More)
A series of 71 patients undergoing surgery for primary breast carcinoma was prospectively studied in order to evaluate the relative weight for four biologic factors (intermediate filament vimentin expression, proliferating cell nuclear antigen [PCNA], flow cytometric DNA ploidy and S-phase fraction) and of several clinicopathologic and biologic features in(More)
BACKGROUND Loss of TP53 function through gene mutation is a critical event in the development and progression of many tumour types including colorectal cancer (CRC). In vitro studies have found considerable heterogeneity amongst different TP53 mutants in terms of their transactivating abilities. The aim of this work was to evaluate whether TP53 mutations(More)
To investigate the prevalence and risk factors of diabetic retinopathy in subjects aged 40 years or older living in Casteldaccia, Sicily. A population-based survey was performed on 1,588 subjects randomly enrolled among people aged 40 years or older. A total of 1,068 persons could be examined and in 1,019 the fundus of the eye was adequately observed (64.2%(More)