Gabriella Crotti

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Several animal species, including sheep, mice, cattle, goats, rabbits, cats, pigs and, more recently, mules have been reproduced by somatic cell cloning, with the offspring being a genetic copy of the animal donor of the nuclear material used for transfer into an enucleated oocyte. Here we use this technology to clone an adult horse and show that it is(More)
—This paper investigates the effects of some influence quantities on the measurement of power frequency sinusoidal currents by means of flexible Rogowski coil sensors. The analysis is carried out through a numerical model, which is specifically developed and allows both the prediction of the circuital and coil parameter effects and the improvement of the(More)
A current peak has been observed and measured in ionic electrolytic current of a glutamic acid aqueous solution, placed in a static magnetic field of flux density of 40 microT, with a superimposed low-frequency alternating magnetic field of flux density of 40 nT. The peak occurs at the frequency of the cyclotronic resonance of the molecular mass of a single(More)
Current peaks have been observed and measured in electrolytic ionic current of L-glutamic acid aqueous solutions at room temperature, in static magnetic fields of 20, 40, and 60 muT flux densities, with a superimposed extremely low-frequency, (1/10) Hz, alternating magnetic field flux density of 40 nT. The distributions of the peaks have mean values(More)