Gabriella Casalino

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We study the problem of detecting and localizing objects in still, gray-scale images making use of the part-based representation provided by non-negative matrix factorizations. Non-negative matrix factoriza-tion represents an emerging example of subspace methods which is able to extract interpretable parts from a set of template image objects and then to(More)
Nonnegative matrix factorizations (NMF) have recently assumed an important role in several fields, such as pattern recognition, automated image exploitation, data clustering and so on. They represent a peculiar tool adopted to obtain a reduced representation of multivariate data by using additive components only, in order to learn parts-based(More)
Linear dimensionality reduction techniques are powerful tools for image analysis as they allow the identification of important features in a data set. In particular, nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) has become very popular as it is able to extract sparse, localized and easily interpretable features by imposing an additive combination of nonnegative(More)
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