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BACKGROUND This study examines the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in affected and in unaffected siblings from families with haemophilia or beta-thalassaemia. METHOD Based on data derived from a cross-sectional and multi-centre study into the resilience of 115 families with blood disorders. Sociodemographic and developmental data were collected from(More)
BACKGROUND Drug-resistance for depression and anxiety is a major limitation in the treatment of these common disorders, and adjunct support interventions may be beneficial in the treatment of these patients. AIMS The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of a short-term (8 session) Relaxation Response Skills Training (RRST) programme for a(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to identify contextual and clinical factors contributing to the quality of experience of people participating in psychosocial rehabilitation activities (RA) and to investigate the association of RA with optimal experience or flow, a state characterized by the perception of high challenges and high skills, deep concentration,(More)
Background and Aims. This study investigated the proportion of CD patients in clinical remission with clinical depression, and coping strategies in those with severe depressive disorders. Materials and Methods. One hundred consecutive CD patients in clinical remission were screened for anxiety and depression by using Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale(More)
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