Gabriele Weigelhofer

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Phytoplankton play an important role as primary producers and thus can affect higher trophic levels. Phytoplankton growth and diversity may, besides other factors, be controlled by seasonal temperature changes and increasing water temperatures. In this study, we investigated the combined effects of temperature and diversity on phytoplankton growth. In a(More)
Without sustainable rehabilitation measures, the Lobau, a freshwater Biosphere Reserve, will soon became a primarily terrestrial ecosystem with major implications for its rich aquatic and amphibic biodiversity. An innovative ecosystem management scheme for this Danube floodplain needs to optimally balance between conservation and restoration objectives and(More)
Although the implementation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) has dramatically increased the quality of surface waters in urbanized areas, WWTPs can still discharge noticeable amounts of solutes and particles to recipient streams. Although the fate of WWTP nutrients has received considerable attention, transport and in-stream transformation of(More)
The study focuses on the capacity of agricultural headwater streams to retain soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP). In-stream phosphorus uptake was determined via short-term SRP additions in 14 reaches differing in channel morphology and riparian vegetation. In addition, zero equilibrium phosphorus concentrations (EPC0) were estimated for 8 reaches based on(More)
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