Gabriele Wehner

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BACKGROUND The present study investigated the metabolism of estrone sulfate into bioactive estrogens in the human hair root, including the effects of hair growth phase, anatomical site, gender, and age. METHODS Healthy male (n = 18) and female (n = 20) subjects were investigated. Growing (anagen) and resting (telogen) hair roots were collected from(More)
CONTEXT Only approximately 85% of patients with a clinical diagnosis complete androgen insensitivity syndrome and less than 30% with partial androgen insensitivity syndrome can be explained by inactivating mutations in the androgen receptor (AR) gene. OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to clarify this discrepancy by in vitro determination of AR(More)
A 5 year follow-up of 130 workers exposed to tetrachlorethylene (dry cleaning) was performed, including measuring of exposure conditions (personal dosimetry, exposure tests) and clinical investigations. No signs of hepatoxicity of tetrachlorethylene could be detected, but slight derangements of nerval functions may develop in long-term exposed workers.(More)