Gabriele Villarini

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High-resolution climate models can now simulate many aspects of tropical cyclone climate, but a theory of tropical cyclone formation remains elusive. Abstract 23 24 While a quantitative climate theory of tropical cyclone formation remains elusive, 25 considerable progress has been made recently in our ability to simulate tropical cyclone 26 climatologies(More)
The seasonal north-south migration of the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) defines the tropical rain belt (TRB), a region of enormous terrestrial and marine biodiversity and home to 40% of people on Earth. The TRB is dynamic and has been shown to shift south as a coherent system during periods of Northern Hemisphere cooling. However, recent studies of(More)
Steep mountain regions can weather faster and produce soil more quickly than previously thought. R ocky mountain ranges may appear static but are constantly in motion. Tectonic forces push the mountains up, while physical and chemical processes break rocks down to sediment that is transported to river plains and ultimately to the sea. This cycle is thought(More)
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