Gabriele V M Gabriel

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Beetle luciferases elicit the emission of different bioluminescence colors from green to red. Whereas firefly luciferases emit yellow-green light and are pH-sensitive, undergoing a typical red-shift at acidic pH and higher temperatures and in the presence of divalent heavy metals, click beetle and railroadworm luciferases emit a wider range of colors from(More)
Firefly luciferases are widely used as bioluminescent reporter genes for bioimaging and biosensors. Aiming at simultaneous analyses of different gene expression and cellular events, luciferases and GFPs that exhibit distinct bioluminescence and fluorescence colors have been coupled with each promoter, making dual and multicolor reporter systems. Despite(More)
Most luminescent biosensors for heavy metals are fluorescent and rely on intensity measurements, whereas a few are ratiometric and rely on spectral changes. Bioluminescent biosensors for heavy metals are less common. Firefly luciferases have been coupled to responsive promoters for mercury and arsenium, and used as light on biosensors. Firefly luciferase(More)
Bioluminescence is widely used in biosensors. For water toxicity analysis, the naturally bioluminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri have been used extensively. We investigated the suitability of two new beetle luciferases for Escherichia coli light off biosensors: Macrolampis firefly and Pyrearinus termitilluminans click beetle luciferases. The bioluminescence(More)
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