Gabriele Trotta

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OBJECTIVES This research was a case-control study to evaluate functional and effective connectivity patterns in ongoing electroencephalography (EEG) under repetitive photic stimulation in the interictal phase of migraine patients with and without aura compared to nonmigraine controls. METHODS EEG was recorded by six scalp electrodes from 19 migraine(More)
In previous studies, migraine patients showed abnormalities in pain-related evoked responses, as reduced habituation to repetitive stimulation. In this study, we aimed to apply a novel analysis of EEG bands synchronization and directed dynamical influences under painful stimuli in migraine patients compared to non-migraine healthy volunteers. Thirty-one(More)
Migraine is a chronic disorder of neuro-vascular origin, characterized by abnormal neuronal excitability and altered processing of multimodal stimuli. Methods able to detect subtle changes of EEG rhythms under painful stimulation may improve the knowledge of mechanisms of pain processing in normal subjects and patients with chronic pain syndromes. The study(More)
Atrial fibrillation is the most common sustained rhythm disturbance and its prevalence is increasing worldwide due to the progressive aging of the population. Current guidelines clearly depict the gold standard management of acute symptomatic atrial fibrillation but the best-long term approach for first or recurrent atrial fibrillation is still debated with(More)
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