Gabriele Tosadori

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The growing dimension and complexity of the available experimental data generating biological networks have increased the need for tools that help in categorizing nodes by their topological relevance. Here we present CentiScaPe, a Cytoscape app specifically designed to calculate centrality indexes used for the identification of the most important nodes in a(More)
Inflammation is a pathological hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, and innate immune cells have been shown to contribute to disease pathogenesis. In two transgenic models of Alzheimer's disease (5xFAD and 3xTg-AD mice), neutrophils extravasated and were present in areas with amyloid-β (Aβ) deposits, where they released neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) and(More)
The increasing availability of large network datasets derived from high-throughput experiments requires the development of tools to extract relevant information from biological networks, and the development of computational methods capable of detecting qualitative and quantitative changes in the topological properties of biological networks is of critical(More)
In the late B cell differentiation stages, miRNAs expression modifications promoting or inhibiting key pathways are only partially defined. We isolated 29 CD19+ human B cell samples at different stages of differentiation: B cells from peripheral blood; naïve, germinal center (GC) and subepithelial (SE) B cells from tonsils. SE cells were further split in(More)
Network analysis is of growing interest in several fields ranging from economics to biology. Several methods have been developed to investigate different properties of physical networks abstracted as graphs, including quantification of specific topological properties, contextual data enrichment, simulation of pathway dynamics and visual representation. In(More)
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