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The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) provides modeling and code generation facilities for Java applications based on structured data models. Henshin is a new language and associated tool set for in-place transformations of EMF models. The Henshin transformation language uses pattern-based rules on the lowest level, which can be structured into nested(More)
AGG is a general development environment for algebraic graph transformation systems which follows the interpretative approach. Its special power comes from a very flexible attribution concept. AGG graphs are allowed to be attributed by any kind of Java objects. Graph transformations can be equipped with arbitrary computations on these Java objects described(More)
The concept of typed attributed graph transformation is most significant for modeling and meta modeling in software engineering and visual languages, but up to now there is no adequate theory for this important branch of graph transformation. In this paper we give a new formalization of typed attributed graphs, which allows node and edge at-tribution. The(More)
In each graph-grammar approach it is deened how and under which conditions graph productions can be applied to a given graph in order to obtain a derived graph. The conditions under which productions can be applied are called application conditions. Although the generative power of most of the known general graph-grammar approaches is suucient to generate(More)
The new approach of distributed graphs and graph transformation as developed in this article allows to use structured graph transformation on two abstraction levels, the network and the local level. The network level contains the description of the topological structures of a system. The local level covers the description of states and their transitions in(More)
Meta modeling is a widespread technique to define visual languages, with the UML being the most prominent one. Despite several advantages of meta modeling such as ease of use, the meta modeling approach has one disadvantage: It is not constructive i. e. it does not offer a direct means of generating instances of the language. This disadvantage poses a(More)
The aim of this paper is to integrate typed attributed graph transformation with node type inheritance. Borrowing concepts from object oriented systems, the main idea is to enrich the attributed type graph with an inheritance relation and a set of abstract nodes. In this way, a node type inherits the attributes and edges of all its ancestors. Based on these(More)