Gabriele Spenger

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The commercial distribution of multimedia content over the Internet demands high security mechanisms. There is not only the possibility of third persons intercepting the communication, but also the risk of malevolent hackers faking the identity of registered users. This paper describes mechanisms that prevent such attacks. First an overview of cryptographic(More)
The security of cryptographic functions such as pseudo random number generators (PRNGs) can usually not be mathematically proven. Instead, statistical properties of the generator are commonly evaluated using standardized test batteries on a limited number of output values. This paper demonstrates that valuable additional information about the properties of(More)
Despite widespread interest, electronic commerce for audio currently still presents a major challenge with regard to aspects such as security, transaction handling, interoperability of devices and services and end user experience. While many component technologies are already available addressing certain aspects of this scenario, a seamless integration of(More)
Chaotic functions have been announced in the literature as promising for implementing low complexity pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs) required e.g. for RFID security applications. They combine good theoretical statistical properties with a computationally simple algorithm. Unfortunately, actual implementations with finite number precision show a(More)
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