Gabriele Serra

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The knowledge of the actual engaged gear is essential to achieve highquality control of an automotive power train. In cars equipped with manual gear shift, this information is not directly available. A hybrid observer for on–line identification of the actual engaged gear is proposed. Two hybrid models of an automotive driveline, a detailed one for(More)
This paper introduces a model-based controller designed to minimize the total unburned hydrocarbons produced by the internal combustion engine and processed by the three way catalytic converter, during the warm-up period. We assume to feed back the temperature of the exhaust gas; having in mind to decouple the control of combustion from the control of(More)
One of the principal problems in image forensics is determining if a particular image is authentic or not. This can be a crucial task when images are used as basic evidence to influence judgment like, for example, in a court of law. To carry out such forensic analysis, various technological instruments have been developed in the literature. In this paper,(More)
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