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Lossless current sensing in low-voltage high-current DC/DC modular supplies
A lossless current transducer is obtained by applying the technique used to compensate the parasitic inductance in resistive shunts to the filter inductor of the DC/DC power supply. Expand
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Advances in high-frequency power conversion by delta-sigma modulation
The delta-sigma technique has been recently proposed for power processing and the idea is particularly attractive in audio power amplifying area. This paper aims to apply this technique toExpand
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A current-mode power sigma-delta modulator for audio applications
Sigma-Delta modulation is considered as an alternative to the PWM in devising a switching current-mode power stage suitable for audio amplification. Expand
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High-frequency power transformer model for circuit simulation
A model for the circuit simulation of transformers used in high-frequency power processing is proposed. Many important transformer effects are combined in a single formulation. An Atherton-JilesExpand
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Experimental analysis and comparison on a power factor controller including a delta-sigma processing stage
In this paper, the delta-sigma (/spl Delta//spl Sigma/) modulation technique is applied to fully implement the algebraic operations of a PFC system's multiplier block. Expand
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Single-cycle quasi-resonant converter with controlled timing of the power switches
In this paper, aspects of the real operation of a single-cycle quasi-resonant power converter are analyzed and experimentally verified. In particular, electrical stresses and power losses in theExpand
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Study and implementation of a low conduction loss zero-current resonant switch
Zero-current (ZC) resonant switches allow one to reduce the switching losses in high-frequency DC/DC switched mode power supplies. ZC resonant switches can be either unidirectional (half-wave) orExpand
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Single-cycle quasi-resonant converters as sigma-delta audio power stages
This paper aims to analyse power converter types and topologies to identify the most suitable scheme for a sigma-delta power amplifier for audio applications. Single-cycle insulated schemes, inExpand
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A high efficiency integrable power converter with soft switching slew-rate control
Slew-rate control (SRC) in integrated switching power stages for noise sensitive systems is presently carried out at switching loss expense by linearly driving the power devices in the active regionExpand
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High-frequency current transducers in a control system for quasiresonant power convertors
After a short review of zero-current-switched quasiresonant power conversion principles, some drawbacks associated with the full-wave operation mode are described. In particular, those aspectsExpand
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