Gabriele Santambrogio

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The protonated water dimer is a prototypical system for the study of proton transfer in aqueous solution. We report infrared photodissociation spectra of cooled H+(H2O)2 [and D+(D2O2] ions, measured between 620 and 1900 wave numbers (cm-1). The experiment directly probes the shared proton region of the potential energy surface and reveals three strong bands(More)
The need for highly performing and stable methods for mid-IR molecular sensing and metrology pushes towards the development of more and more compact and robust systems. Among the innovative solutions aimed at answering the need for stable mid-IR references are crystalline microresonators, which have recently shown excellent capabilities for frequency(More)
The geometric and electronic structure of bimetallic oxide clusters is studied as a function of their composition with gas phase vibrational spectroscopy. Infrared multiple photon dissociation spectra of titanium-vanadium oxide cluster anions are measured in the 500 to 1200 wave number range and assigned on the basis of harmonic frequencies calculated using(More)
Focusing optics for neutral molecules finds application in shaping and steering molecular beams. Here we present an electrostatic elliptical mirror for polar molecules consisting of an array of microstructured gold electrodes deposited on a glass substrate. Alternating positive and negative voltages applied to the electrodes create a repulsive potential for(More)
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