Gabriele S de Vos

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BACKGROUND Despite the existence of numerous dermatology-specific quality-of-life questionnaires, there exists a need for a well-validated instrument to evaluate and monitor patients with chronic urticaria. OBJECTIVE To develop and validate a novel chronic urticaria-specific questionnaire, the Urticaria Severity Score (USS). METHODS The USS was(More)
UNLABELLED Mercury induces autoimmune disease and increases IL-4 production and IgE levels in certain rodent strains. The object of this study was to determine if mercury was capable of inducing Th2 cytokine production in human leucocytes. Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) were incubated with PMA/ionomycin or Con A in the presence or absence(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of asthma morbidity and mortality is highest among minority inner-city populations. Among New York City's five boroughs, the Bronx has the highest rate of asthma-related hospitalizations and mortality. Outdoor air pollutants have been associated with increased asthma-related ED visits (AREDV) in this borough. OBJECTIVE To better(More)
BACKGROUND Chlorinated phenols are associated with atopic conditions, but it is not known whether they are associated with wheeze or asthma and whether atopy is involved in these associations. OBJECTIVES To test the association between urine levels of 2 dichlorophenols (2,4- and 2,5-dichlorophenols) and asthma morbidity in atopic and nonatopic wheezers(More)
BACKGROUND Atopic sensitization to aeroallergens in early life has been found to be a strong risk factor for the development of persisting asthma in young children with recurrent wheeze. OBJECTIVE To assess the yield of skin prick test (SPT) compared with allergen specific serum IgE (sIgE) testing at identifying aeroallergen sensitization in atopic(More)
BACKGROUND Allergy immunotherapy during early childhood may have potential benefits for the prevention of asthma and allergy morbidity. However, subcutaneous immunotherapy has not yet been prospectively researched in children younger than 4 years, primarily because of safety concerns, including the fear and psychological distress young children may(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac arrest (CA) survivors experience cognitive deficits including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is unclear whether these are related to cognitive/mental experiences and awareness during CPR. Despite anecdotal reports the broad range of cognitive/mental experiences and awareness associated with CPR has not been systematically(More)
An accurate diagnosis of aeroallergen sensitization is pivotal to clinical practice and research. Given the recent technological advances in analyzing serum allergen-specific IgE, the question of which testing method, skin or serum testing, is superior in diagnosing allergic sensitization must be readdressed, as well as their value in predicting clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiologic studies support the hypothesis that reduced microbial exposure in westernized societies promotes atopy. Dichlorophenols are widely used as pesticides and for chlorination of water. They have a strong bactericidal effect that could affect microflora in the environment. However, it is unknown whether their use is associated with a(More)