Gabriele Pozzani

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In the database research field the management of temporal and spatial information is crucial. Many information may be temporally and spatially qualified, i.e., data may be associated to temporal and spatial locations. In the management of qualified data, the notion of "granularity" plays an important role; it allows one to reason about temporal and spatial(More)
Context The collection of narrative spontaneous reports is an irreplaceable source for the prompt detection of suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs): qualified domain experts manually revise a huge amount of narrative descriptions and then encode texts according to MedDRA standard terminology. The manual annotation of narrative documents with medical(More)
Background: Developing countries need telemedicine applications that help in many situations, when physicians are a small number with respect to the population, when specialized physicians are not available, when patients and physicians in rural villages need assistance in the delivery of health care. Moreover, the requirements of telemedicine applications(More)