Gabriele Maria Lozito

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The present paper documents the research towards the development of an efficient algorithm to compute the result from a multiple-input-single-output Neural Network using floating-point arithmetic on FPGA. The proposed algorithm focus on optimizing pipeline delays by splitting the " Multiply and accumulate " algorithm into separate steps using partial(More)
A comprehensive review on the problem of choosing a suitable activation function for the hidden layer of a feed forward neural network has been widely investigated. Since the nonlinear component of a neural network is the main contributor to the network mapping capabilities, the different choices that may lead to enhanced performances, in terms of training,(More)
This paper documents the research towards the development of a system based on Artificial Neural Networks to predict muscle force patterns of an athlete during cycling. Two independent inverse problems must be solved for the force estimation: evaluation of the kinematic model and evaluation of the forces distribution along the limb. By solving repeatedly(More)
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