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— The article presents the time-optimal trajectory planning of an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) on a given feasible path while respecting velocity, acceleration and jerk constraints. A theoretical result shows the connection for the AGV between the geometric continuity of its paths and the smoothness of its control inputs (linear velocity and steering(More)
The paper considers the output tracking problem for nonlinear systems whose performance output is also a flat output of the system itself. A desired output signal is sought on the actual performance output by using a feedforward inverse input that is periodically updated with discrete-time feedback of the sampled state of the system. The proposed method is(More)
In this paper we present a methodology for the design of a feedforward control law to be applied to a closed-loop PID-based control system for a multi-input multi-output process in order to achieve a minimum-time rest-to-rest transition of the system from an equilibrium point to another subject to constraints on both the control and process variables. In(More)
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