Gabriele Leth

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This trial compared the efficacy and safety of basal-bolus therapy using either the soluble basal insulin analogue insulin detemir (IDet) in combination with meal-time rapid-acting analogue insulin aspart (IAsp), or NPH insulin (NPH) in combination with meal-time regular human insulin (HSI). This was a 22-week, multinational, open-labelled, symmetrically(More)
The aim of the trial was to compare the efficacy and tolerability of two types of basal-bolus therapy, using either the soluble long-acting basal insulin analogue, insulin detemir, in combination with the rapid-acting analogue, insulin aspart, or NPH insulin in combination with mealtime regular human insulin. In this 18-week, 1:1 randomised, open-labelled,(More)
A 17-year-old male with ADHD who was treated with sertraline and lisdexamfetamine presented with transient episodes of speech impairment and right-sided hemiparesis preceded by headaches. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed three cerebral ischaemic lesions. Treatment was initiated with aspirin and discontinued with lisdexamfetamine. In the literature a(More)
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