Gabriele Kraus

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OBJECTIVES Despite being in use for nearly two decades, the utility of [18F]2-fluoro-2deoxy-D-glucose positron emission tomography (FDG PET) in the evaluation and treatment of brain tumors remains controversial. We retrospectively analyzed all patients with histologically proven gliomas, between the years 1990 and 2000, who underwent FDG PET studies at(More)
Endothelins are a family of structurally related, potent, long-lasting vasoconstrictor peptides. There are no established normal human levels of endothelin-1 or endothelin-3 in the cerebrospinal fluid. We measured cerebrospinal fluid endothelin-1 and endothelin-3 levels in five groups of patients: normal controls, patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage and(More)
Zusammenfassung Der Universitäre Lehrverbund Informatik hat ein Pro-gramm vonüber 30 Fernkursen aufgebaut. Der Groß-teil des präsentierten Materials entstand aus regulären Veranstaltungen. Bei der Durchführung umfasste je-der Kurs einen betreuten¨Ubungsbetriebüber das Netz sowie eine Prüfung zum Erwerb eines Leistungs-nachweises. Das Projekt hat Erfahrung(More)
We describe functional imaging findings using MRI, 1H-Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and positron emission tomography in a case of radiation-induced medulloblastoma following radiotherapy for pineal gland tumor. MRS showed a prominent choline peak; FDG, 11C-Met and 11C-Choline PET showed a minimal glucose, increased methionine and choline uptake.
UNLABELLED Previous studies have observed a correlation of implicit memory with certain electroencephalogram (EEG) measures during anesthesia. Here, we tested the relationship between hypnotic depth determined by computer system (Narcotrend(TM)) and implicit memory in anesthetized patients, assessed by a postoperative reading speed test. Thirty-two patients(More)
The case of a giant posterior communicating artery (PCoA) aneurysm is reported in which the initial presentation was coma secondary to obstructive hydrocephalus. The primary radiological diagnosis was a probable craniopharyngioma. A cerebral angiogram revealed a partially thrombosed giant PCoA aneurysm on the right side. The patient underwent pterional(More)
Leptomeningeal metastases (LM) is often an elusive disease frequently diagnosed at an advanced clinical stage. Early diagnosis may allow for prompt initiation of treatment with minimal tumor burden and maximal chance of survival, especially in solid tumors such as breast cancer. Although the method of choice for imaging LM currently is by gadolinium(More)
A 27-year-old woman presented with a ruptured giant aneurysm of the right middle cerebral artery, occlusion of the artery distal to the aneurysm, and an intraparenchymal hematoma. Before emergent surgery, her condition deteriorated to a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 4 and a Hunt and Hess grade of V. Electroencephalographic response on the right, initially(More)
BACKGROUND Atherosclerotic stenosis of the middle cerebral artery (MCA) is uncommon and long-term prognosis is not well defined. Methods of treating stenosis of the MCA range from the administration of anticoagulants to endarterectomy. METHODS We present two cases of patients with focal symptomatic stenosis of the MCA with evidence of focally decreased(More)
To successfully match the treatment to the cause for raised intracranial pressure (ICP) after a severe head injury, it is important to know the underlying mechanism at a given moment for the raised pressure. In particular, it is important to distinguish between active cerebral vasodilation, indicating functional autoregulation, and a passive vascular(More)