Gabriele Kasparaviciute

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Gestural interaction with flying drones is now on the rise; however, little work has been done to reveal the gestural preferences from users directly. In this paper, we present an elicitation study to help in realizing user-defined gestures for drone navigation. We apply a user-centered approach in which we collected data from 25 participants performing(More)
Motion tracking systems are gaining popularity and have a number of applications in research, entertainment, and arts. These systems must be calibrated before use. This process requires extensive user effort to determine a 3D coordinate system with acceptable accuracy. Usually, this is achieved by rapidly manipulating a calibration device (e.g. a(More)
Interactive tabletops allow direct touch manipulation and recognizing simultaneous touch events. Users sometimes lean on the touch surface creating unintended touch input. Our work demonstrates how this unintended input can be employed to enhance interaction. In a study we develop a posture set organized into four classes. We present a vision-based(More)
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