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Methods for examinations of diffusion of large molecules of the size of fatty acids or triglycerides were developed for whole body MR units. Samples of aliphatic molecules were examined to study the influence of chain length. Feasibility under in vivo conditions was tested on lard samples at 37 degrees C and on human subjects Three stimulated echo sequences(More)
UNLABELLED PURPOSE. This work aims to present a preparation technique for ex-vivo MR examination of SPIO (superparamagnetic iron oxide) containing solutions or SPIO labeled cells. Accumulations of SPIO particles and labeled cells were prepared in different concentrations using agar gel phantoms. Signal extinction around accumulations of magnetic material(More)
BACKGROUND Among other causes the long-term result of hip prostheses in dogs is determined by aseptic loosening. A prevention of prosthesis complications can be achieved by an optimization of the tribological system which finally results in improved implant duration. In this context a computerized model for the calculation of hip joint loadings during(More)
Total hip endoprotheses are a good possibility for treatment degenerative wear and pathologic damage of the hip joint in man as well as in dogs. However, aseptic loosening of the protheses, especially in the area of the shaft, is still a problem in conventional total hip endoprotheses. The purpose of the present study was to use the finite-element-analysis(More)
The implantation of a total hip prosthesis is an operation which is performed frequently due to advanced hip joint damage both in humans and in veterinary medicine in dogs. The long-term result of a hip prosthesis is mainly determined by aseptic loosening of the prosthesis; among other causes, abrasion particles of the tribological pairing are responsible(More)
The development of pathological changes in both human and canine hip joints is mainly caused by a lack of synovial fluid lubrication. This results in an increased joint abrasion. Even after implantation of joint prosthesis, inadequate lubrication can lead to abrasion in the tribological pair. This can finally result in aseptic loosening of the prosthesis.(More)
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