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Acknowledgements I would like to thank all people who supported this work. First of all, I am very grateful to my supervisor Benoît Deveaud for giving me the opportunity to investigate the wonderful world of polariton physics. He has been a great supervisor and given me the freedom in his lab. I was always inspired and learned a lot through discussions with(More)
Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is an emerging two-dimensional material for quantum photonics owing to its large bandgap and hyperbolic properties. Here we report two approaches for engineering quantum emitters in hBN multilayers using either electron beam irradiation or annealing and characterize their photophysical properties. The defects exhibit a broad(More)
We investigate the propagation and scattering of polaritons in a planar GaAs microcavity in the linear regime under resonant excitation. The propagation of the coherent polariton wave across an extended defect creates phase and intensity patterns with identical qualitative features previously attributed to dark and half-dark solitons of polaritons. We(More)
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