Gabriele Giunta

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In the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) complex applications can be described as business processes from independently developed services that can be selected at run time on the basis of the provided Quality of Service (QoS). However, QoS requirements are difficult to satisfy especially for the high variability of Internet application workloads.(More)
INTRODUCTION Male breast cancer (MBC) is a rare disease that accounts for <1% of breast cancer cases. The most common treatment is modified radical mastectomy (MRM). Recently, breast conservative surgery (BCS) is getting popular for MBC treatment. We report a case and reviewed the literature to investigate whether emerging BCS can be considered as an(More)
Nowadays, information is provided through diverse network channels and, above all, its diffusion occurs in an always faster and pervasive manner. Social Media (SM) plays a crucial role in distributing, in an uncontrolled way, news, opinions, media contents and so on, and can basically contribute to spread information that sometimes are untrue and(More)
In crisis management systems, situational awareness is usually at the basis of guiding the intervention process, and it is required to rapidly process data acquired from information sources on the field such as sensors or even humans. Given the variety and heterogeneity of sources and the amount of information that can be collected, together with the(More)
BACKGROUND Lingual flaps provide ideal mucosal coverage for intraoral defects but traditionally require two surgical stages. The authors present an axial mucosal propeller flap for single-stage intraoral reconstruction. The flap includes the mucosa of the lateral side of the tongue, islanded on the deep lingual vessels. METHODS Between 2011 and 2013, 23(More)
The eyebrow region is of utmost importance for facial movement, symmetry, and the overall cosmetic appearance of the face. Trauma or tumor resection often leave scars that may dislocate the eyebrow producing an alteration both in static symmetry of the face and in the dynamic expressivity. The authors present a technique for eyebrow's defects repair using(More)
In these years, new business paradigms have been promoted for the digitalization of enterprise processes. Internetworked Enterprise paradigm has allowed companies and organizations to react to the climate of uncertainty by decentralising production and innovation. In the research project DISCoRSO, we have described an effective approach that enables SMEs(More)
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