Gabriele Fangi

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In this article, we present the results of the photogrammetric surveys of two important monuments, the Roman Theatre in Sabratha, Libya, and San Galgano Abbey, in Italy. The surveys were performed with a new photogrammetric technique, Spherical Photogrammetry, developed by Gabriele Fangi [2007, 2008, 2009, 2010]. The method is based on so-called spherical(More)
The metric documentation of architecture and cultural heritage with multi-image spherical panorama has already achieved good results, accurate and reliable (Fangi 2008, 2009). Panoramic images are generally acquired with expensive linear array rotating panoramic cameras having very high metric performances (Luhmann, Maas, 2003, 2004, and 2006). On the(More)
  • E S Malinverni, G Fangi, G Gagliardini, V Commission, Wg
  • 2003
In the last decade, the new technology of laser scanning has improved the architectural and archaeological survey. This instrument measures millions and millions of points in a short time. But the more interesting and above all more difficult goal is, up till now, the data processing. Using several procedures and testing some softwares it is possible to(More)
  • G Fangi, G Gagliardini, E S Malinverni, V Commission, Working Group
  • 2002
We present the survey of Guasco Hill in Ancona by means different surveying integrated methodologies like GPS and total station reflector less. A Digital Terrain Model, well integrated with existing structures, closed to the reality, has been build-up. The 3D model, characterized by high accuracy a spatial resolution, generated by applying computer graphics(More)
The authors suggest a suitable method for "measuring" morpho-functional involvement of hands (and wrists). This method analyzes four tests: three postural tests and a photogrammetric test. The three positions are: - "Praying hands" (fig. 1) - "Dorsum of the hands opposed" (fig. 2) - "Phalanges opposed (by their dorsum)" (fig. 3) These positions (1-2-3)(More)
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