Gabriele Di Marco

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Thirty-seven grapevine accessions, collected in Central Italy, were characterized by morphological and genetic analysis, according to guidelines developed by European Union programs of grapevine research and standardization. Traditional denominations of some sampled varieties were revealed to be incorrect; moreover, 10 synonymies and 12 homonymies were(More)
African ethnomedicine is essentially based on the traditional use of vegetal extracts. Since these natural drugs have shown health giving properties, in the present study we increased further the scientific basis supporting these data. We investigated the effects, on murine B16F10 melanoma cells, of plant extracts that were directly obtained by a Cameroon(More)
Environmental antibiotic contamination is due mainly to improper and illegal disposal of these molecules that, yet pharmacologically active, are excreted by humans and animals. These compounds contaminate soil, water and plants. Many studies have reported the bioaccumulation of antibiotics in plants and their negative effects on photosynthesis, cell growth(More)
Royal jelly (RJ) is one the most important bee product because it strongly influences the larval development in the hive, including the queen bee. In literature, RJ is known for its antioxidant, immunoregulatory, antifungal, antibiotical, erythropoietic, hypoglycemic, anticholesteremic, antithyroidic, anti-osteoporotic and estrogenic properties. However, it(More)
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