Gabriele Del Castillo

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Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) has been described in chronic heart failure (HF) as marker of tubular damage and renal dysfunction; however, less data are available in patients with acute HF. Because of high rate of acute kidney injury (AKI) development, we aimed to investigate the role of NGAL in predicting early AKI development; second,(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiorenal syndrome (CRS) is associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality; still, its biomarker pattern has been poorly evaluated so far. The aim of this study was to measure the inflammatory activation, neurohormonal status and kidney and myocardial damage in patients with CRS compared to patients with heart failure (HF)(More)
Although loop diuretics are the most commonly used drugs for the treatment of acute heart failure (AHF), their short and long-term effects are relatively unknown. The use of loop diuretics is essential in the management of HF, particularly during episodes of acute decompensation, therefore more than 90% of patients admitted with HF receive this drug. The(More)
Anemia is a common finding in congestive heart failure (CHF) and is associated with an increased mortality and morbidity. Several conditions can cause depression of erythroid progenitor cells: reduction of iron absorption and reuptake, decreased bone marrow activity, reduced endogenous erythropoietin production, and chronic inflammatory state. Anemia's(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated the role of echocardiography and BNP in patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD), to identify those with PH and RV dysfunction. The aims of this study were: 1-to evaluate the accuracy of an algorithm including BNP, DLCO and echocardiographic measurements to identify PH and RV dysfunction; 2- to evaluate BNP and Echo(More)
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