Gabriele Corliano

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With the transition of services like telephony to be carried over IP networks there is the potential for catastrophic numbers of calls to fail whenever sufficient demand is focused on unpredictable points in the core IP network. This is well known; service differentiation helps but does not alleviate the problem — call admission control is required but(More)
A virtual queue can be used to predict when a real queue is about to grow. This memo explains why using a leaky bucket to implement a virtual queue is not useful, despite a superficial similarity. However, it is possible to implement a useful virtual queue using two leaky buckets. It requires a simple trick that can typically be implemented with existing(More)
Adding quality of service support to the best-effort Internet is something that has been suggested and researched for a long time now. While individual networks are starting to offer QoS, it remains as elusive as ever for the Internet as a whole. A number of different QoS solutions are being deployed within networks leading to a highly heterogeneous(More)
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