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Alzheimer and his disease: a brief history
More than 100 years ago, Alois Alzheimer first described the clinical and pathological features of an unusual brain disease during the meeting of the Society of Southwest German Psychiatrists inExpand
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Wandering and dementia
Wandering represents one of many behavioural problems occurring in people with dementia. To consider the phenomenon of wandering behaviour in demented patients, we conducted searches using MedlineExpand
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Personality and Dementia
Abstract Personality describes persistent human behavioral responses to broad classes of environmental stimuli. Change in personality may be an early sign of dementia. Our goal was to reviewExpand
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Rethinking the EU Budget: Three Unavoidable Reforms
This study consider the main weaknesses of the EU's financial framework and what needs to be done to reinforce the legitimacy and added value of the EU's actions. The author, an official at theExpand
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Financing the EU Budget: Moving forward or backwards? CEPS Paperback
Often described as complex, opaque and unfair, the EU budget financing system is an ‘unfinished journey’. One of the most critical issues is that EU revenue, drawn from the cashbox of nationalExpand
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Sleep disturbances and dementia
Sleep is a complex behavioural state, the ultimate functions of which remain poorly understood. It becomes more fragmented as we age, with more night‐time awakenings and greater tendency for daytimeExpand
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Non-pharmacological interventions for people with Alzheimer's Disease: A critical review of the scientific literature from the last ten years
Abstract Currently, non-pharmacological interventions are useful, versatile and potentially cost-effective tools for managing the care of people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease (AD). The aim ofExpand
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Apathy and Dementia. Nosology, Assessment and Management
Abstract Apathy, characterized by lack of motivation and loss of initiative, is a non-cognitive symptom that affects a high proportion, but not all, of patients with all forms of dementia. To exploreExpand
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Diogenes syndrome in patients suffering from dementia
Diogenes syndrome (DS) is a behavioral disorder of the elderly. Symptoms include living in extreme squalor, a neglected physical state, and unhygienic conditions. This is accompanied by aExpand
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Eating Behaviors and Dietary Changes in Patients With Dementia
Background: Eating problems and dietary changes have been reported in patients with dementia. Objectives: The aim of this article is to explore the generalized problems with nutrition, diet, feeding,Expand
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