Gabriele Cantaluppi

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Intensive care was applied in 13 patients with acute liver insufficiency and different degrees of metabolic encephalopathy due to the ingestion of Amanita phalloides. Twelve of them were subjected to hepatic assist with E.T., in three cases this measure was repeated. Ten recoveries were obtained, which denote, on the basis of the necrosis enzymes and the(More)
Renal damage in acute hepatic failure induced in the pig by means of an hepatic state, temporary or permanent devascularisation Amanita phalloides poisoning or orthotopic liver transplant proved of slight degree, particularly in animals treated with replacement therapy. In the cases of animals that died in acute hepatic coma, on the other hand, renal cortex(More)
Personal experience in the treatment of a patient, presenting a pure unilobar Caroli's disease, is described. According on the litterature data, the procedure of choice was the left hepatectomy. The main reason was the high incidence of malignant transformation to cholangiocarcinoma of the cells of the cystic walls. Up to now the follow-up of the patient(More)