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The scattering of Dirac electrons by topological defects could be one of the most relevant sources of resistance in graphene and at the boundary surfaces of a three-dimensional topological insulator (3D TI). In the long wavelength, continuous limit of the Dirac equation, the topological defect can be described as a distortion of the metric in curved space,(More)
We present a study of a Hanbury Brown-Twiss interferometer realized with anyons. Such a device can directly probe entanglement and fractional statistics of initially uncorrelated particles. We calculate Hanbury Brown-Twiss cross correlations of Abelian Laughlin anyons. The correlations we calculate exhibit partial bunching similar to bosons, indicating a(More)
Using the study as a basis for a novel interpretation of the pH-metric curve, the paper reports the results of a study carried out in a sample group of 11 normo-secretory subjects (students from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery). The pH-metric curve was assessed over 24 hours using a portable pH measuring device.
The Authors compare pH measurements taken over a 24-h period to monitor, using an original method, a sample group of 11 healthy subject and a series of patients suffering from gastroenteropancreatic diseases. The data obtained confirm the utility of the functional study of gastrointestinal secretion.
We apply a Gutzwiller-like variational technique to study Josephson conduction across a quantum dot with an odd number of electrons connected to two superconducting leads. Our method projects out all states on the dot but the Kondo singlet and is valid when Kondo correlations are dominant and no Andreev bound states localized at the dot are available for(More)
Having examined the literature on this subject, the authors raise the problem of segmentary liver transplant from a liver donor to a pediatric patient. They evaluate the current Italian legislation regarding the donation of organs and on the basis of foreign experience they draft a possible amendment to the law currently in force.
A superconductor-semiconducting nanowire-superconductor heterostructure in the presence of spin-orbit coupling and magnetic field can support a supercurrent even in the absence of phase difference between the superconducting electrodes. We investigate this phenomenon—the anomalous Josephson effect—employing a model capable of describing many bands in the(More)
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