Gabriele C. Messina

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BACKGROUND Since health-related quality of life (HRQL) measures are numerous, comparisons have been suggested. AIM To compare three HRQL measures: SF6D, HUI3 and EQ5D. METHODS Three questionnaires (SF36, HUI3, EQ5D) were administered to 1,011 patients attending 16 general practices in two Italian cities. Information about patients' gender, age,(More)
BACKGROUND Recent international sources have described how the rapid expansion of the Internet has precipitated an increase in its use by the general population to search for medical information. Most studies on e-health use investigated either through the prevalence of such use and the social and income patterns of users in selected populations, or the(More)
BACKGROUND The Italian Study Group on Hospital Hygiene of the Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health conducted a multicentre survey aiming to evaluate undergraduate health care students' knowledge of tuberculosis and tuberculosis control measures in Italy. METHODS In October 2012-June 2013, a sample of medical and nursing(More)
BACKGROUND In the emergency department satisfaction is strictly linked to the role of the nurses, namely the first interface between patients and hospital services. OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study was to identify areas of emergency nursing activity associated with minor or major patient satisfaction. METHODS A descriptive cross-sectional study was(More)
BACKGROUND Rehabilitation in patients with disabilities is an important aspect of tertiary prevention. Severity of disability, evaluated by global measures of autonomy, are essential for functional outcome evaluation. AIM To determine the effectiveness of a rehabilitation programme in terms of percentage functional improvement (PFI); to verify the role of(More)
Today it is well demonstrated that stethoscopes can be as contaminated as hands, which are a recognized source of Health-Care Associated Infections (HCAIs). Ultraviolet C (UVC) light has proven disinfection capacity and the innovative UVC technology of Light Emitting Diode (LED) shows several potential benefits. To verify whether the use of UVC LEDs is(More)
The exploitation of surface plasmon polaritons has been mostly limited to the visible and near infrared range, due to the low frequency limit for coherent plasmon excitation and the reduction of confinement on the metal surface for lower energies. In this work we show that 3D--out of plane--nanostructures can considerably increase the intrinsic quality of(More)
The sub-wavelength concentration and propagation of electromagnetic energy are two complementary aspects of plasmonics that are not necessarily co-present in a single nanosystem. Here we exploit the strong nanofocusing properties of stacked optical antennas in order to highly concentrate the electromagnetic energy into a 5 nm metal-insulator-metal (MIM)(More)
PURPOSE Heart failure (HF) is recognized as a major problem in industrialized countries. Short-term adjusted outcomes are indicators of quality for care process during/after hospitalization. Our aim is to evaluate, for patients with principal diagnosis of HF, in-hospital mortality and 30-day readmissions for all-causes using two different risk adjustment(More)
Medical devices, such as stethoscopes, and other objects found in hospital, such as computer keyboards and telephone handsets, may be reservoirs of bacteria for healthcare-associated infections. In this cross-over study involving an Italian teaching hospital we evaluated microbial contamination (total bacterial count (TBC) at 36°C/22°C, Staphylococcus spp.,(More)
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