Gabriele Bianchi

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The Ambient Intelligence (AmI) vision implies the concept of “smart spaces” populated by intelligent entities. While most implementations focus strictly on local applications of “AmI”, we think of an AmI scenario as a federation of instances of local and application AmI domains. In order to deal with distributed context handling in AmI domains, we propose a(More)
[reaction: see text] The gold-catalyzed reaction of 2-alkynyl-phenylamines with alpha,beta-enones represents a new general one-pot entry into C-3-alkyl-indoles by sequential reactions. Gold-catalyzed sequential cyclization/alkylation, N-alkylation/cyclization, or N-alkylation/cyclization/alkylation reactions leading to different indoles can be directed by(More)
The Göttingen State and University Library provides access to digitized documents strictly for noncommercial educational, research and private purposes and makes no warranty with regard to their use for other purposes. Some of our collections are protected by copyright. Publication and/or broadcast in any form (including electronic) requires prior written(More)
The cross covariogram gK,L of two convex sets K and L in R n is the function which associates to each x ∈ R the volume of K ∩ (L + x). Very recently Averkov and Bianchi [AB] have confirmed Matheron’s conjecture on the covariogram problem, that asserts that any planar convex body K is determined by the knowledge of gK,K . The problem of determining the sets(More)
We report on the design, synthesis, and properties of innovative, planar, π-conjugated compounds in which a thiophene ring is fused with the skeleton of the naturally occurring dye isatin. The synthesis is achieved in high yields making use of an intramolecular direct arylation reaction as the key step, making the overall process potentially scalable. The(More)
We propose strongly consistent algorithms for reconstructing the characteristic function 1K of an unknown convex body K in R from possibly noisy measurements of the modulus of its Fourier transform 1̂K . This represents a complete theoretical solution to the Phase Retrieval Problem for characteristic functions of convex bodies. The approach is via the(More)
A general one-pot synthesis of pyridines 4a-t from the reaction of dialkyl acyclic/cyclic ketones 1a-i, methyl, aryl/heteroaryl ketones 1m-r, and aldehydes bearing alpha-hydrogens 1s,t with propargylamine 2 is described. Gold and copper salts are efficient catalysts for the reaction of ketones with 2. The formation of the pyridines 4 is suggested to proceed(More)