Gabriela da Cruz Schaefer

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In the presented study the low pH photocycle of proteorhodopsin is extensively investigated by means of low temperature FTIR spectroscopy. Besides the already well-known characteristics of the all-trans and 13-cis retinal vibrations the 77K difference spectrum at pH 5.1 shows an additional negative signal at 1744 cm(-1) which is interpreted as indicator for(More)
Neuroblastic tumors can originate from the central neuraxis, olfactory epithelium, adrenal medullary region or autonomous system. Ganglioneuroblastoma are a type of neuroblastic tumor, with very few case descriptions in animals. Diagnosis of facial nerve ganglioneuroblastoma was made in a feline leukemia virus-positive 11-month-old cat. The cat had(More)
We present here a study on proteorhodopsin (PR) 2D crystals with analytical ultracentrifugation, circular dichroism and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The aim of our experiments was to test the activity of 2D crystal sample preparations and to gain further insight in PR structure, stability and function with these techniques. Our results(More)
CO(2)-consuming reactions, in particular carboxylations, play important roles in technical processes and in nature. Their kinetic behavior and the reaction mechanisms of carboxylating enzymes are difficult to study because CO(2) is inconvenient to handle as a gas, exists in equilibrium with bicarbonate in aqueous solution, and typically yields products that(More)
RESUME The paper summarizes the most important effects in Einsteinian gravitomagnetic fields related to propagating light rays, moving clocks and atoms, orbiting objects, and precessing spins. Emphasis is put onto the gravitational interaction of spinning objects. The gravitomagnetic field lines of a rotating or spinning object are given in analytic form.
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