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While coding competitions and hackathons have steadily increased in number, few women participate. Because these public events present viable opportunities to broaden participation in computing, we designed the theme to focus on "Wear & Care" and collaborative arrangements in a hardware hackathon, called StitchFest, in which 33 undergraduate and(More)
In designing for engagement at a public multi-touch installation, we identified supporting multiple users and allowing for gradual discovery as challenges. In this paper, we present <i>Worlds of Information</i>, a multi-touch application featuring 3D <i>Worlds</i>, which provide access to different content. These 3D widgets gradually unfold and allow for(More)
We present Euclide, a multimodal system for live animation of a virtual puppet that is composed of a data glove, MIDI music board, keyboard, and mouse. The paper reports on a field study in which Euclide was used in a science museum to animate visitors as they passed by five different stations. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of several hours of(More)
Most research on game making has focused on designing digital games, as opposed to incorporating the potential for the designs of peripherals and controllers. In this paper, we illustrate how youth created wearable and physically interactive controllers by combining digital and tangible construction kits: Scratch, ModKit, the MaKey MaKey, and the Lilypad(More)
Much attention has focused on the lack of diversity in access and participation in digital media available to youth. Far less attention has been paid to the diversity of youth creators and the content that is produced by youth. We examined the diversity of project creators, content, and comments in one of the largest youth programming sites called Scratch(More)
We describe a workshop for high school youth to create interactive responsive and wearable interfaces for computing and gaming. The tools used in the workshop included tangible construction toolkits (the Lilypad Arduino and the MaKeyMaKey) and visual programming languages (Scratch, a coding and game design environment, and ModKit, a visual programming kit(More)
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