Gabriela Silva Monteiro Paula

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Previous studies have proposed a role for neuromedin B (NB), a bombesin-like peptide, in the control of body weight homeostasis. However, the nature of this role is unclear. The actions of NB are mediated preferentially by NB-preferring receptors (NBRs). Here we examined the consequences of targeted deletion of NBRs in female mice on body weight homeostasis(More)
In models of metabolic disorders, cinnamon improves glucose and lipid metabolism. This study explores the effect of chronic supplementation with aqueous cinnamon extract (CE) on the lipid metabolism of rats. Male adult Wistar rats were separated into a control group (CTR) receiving water and a CE Group receiving aqueous cinnamon extract (400 mg of cinnamon(More)
Peptide YY (PYY)3-36 is a gut-derived hormone, with a proposed role in central mediation of postprandial satiety signals, as well as in long-term energy balance. In addition, recently, the ability of the hormone to regulate gonadotropin secretion, acting at pituitary and at hypothalamus has been reported. Here, we examined PYY3-36 effects on thyrotropin(More)
n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) present in fish oil (FO) potently decrease serum lipids, which is also an effect of thyroid hormones. Both PUFAs and thyroid hormones affect hepatic lipid metabolism, and here we hypothesized that a long-term diet rich in n-3 PUFAs would enhance thyroid hormone action in the liver. Female rats received isocaloric and(More)
Neuromedin B, a peptide highly expressed at the pituitary, has been shown to act as autocrine/paracrine inhibitor of thyrotropin (TSH) release. Here we studied the thyroid axis of adult female mice lacking neuromedin B receptor (NBR-KO), compared to wild type (WT) littermates. They exhibited slight increase in serum TSH (18%), with normal pituitary(More)
Neuromedin B (NB) and gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) are bombesin-like peptides, found in the gastrointestinal tube and pancreas, among other tissues. Consistent data proposed that GRP stimulates insulin secretion, acting directly in pancreatic cells or in the release of gastrointestinal hormones that are incretins. However, the role of NB remains unclear.(More)
BACKGROUND Cinnamon has several effects on energy metabolism. However, no data exist on the impact of cinnamon intake on thyroid hormone serum concentrations and action, since thyroid hormones (THs) play a major role in metabolism. RESULTS Male rats were treated with cinnamon water extract (400 mg kg(-1) body weight, 25 days). Cinnamon supplementation(More)
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