Gabriela Serban Czibula

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Clustering is a division of data into groups of similar objects. Aspect mining is a process that tries to identify cross-cutting concerns in existing software systems. The goal is to refactor the existing systems to use aspect oriented programming, in order to make them easier to maintain and to evolve. This paper aims at presenting a new k-means based(More)
This paper presents three methods for solving the problem of textual entailment, obtained from an equal number of text-to-text similarity metrics. The first method starts with the directional measure of text-to-text similarity presented in Corley and Mihalcea (2005), and integrates word sense disambiguation and several heuristics. The second method exploits(More)
This paper studies an adaptive clustering problem. We focus on re-clustering an object set, previously clustered, when the feature set characterizing the objects increases. We propose an adaptive clustering method based on a hierarchical agglomerative approach, Hierarchical Adaptive Clustering (HAC), that adjusts the partitioning into clusters that was(More)
It is well known that abstract data types represent the core for any software application, and a proper use of them is an essential requirement for developing a robust and efficient system. Data structures are essential in obtaining efficient algorithms, having a major importance in the software development process. Selecting and creating the appropriate(More)
In this paper, we are approaching, from a machine learning perspective, the problem of automatically detecting defective software entities (classes and methods) in existing software systems, a problem of major importance during software maintenance and evolution. In order to improve the internal quality of a software system, identifying faulty entities such(More)
This paper focuses on the problem of defect prediction, a problem of major importance during software maintenance and evolution. It is essential for software developers to identify defective software modules in order to continuously improve the quality of a software system. As the conditions for a software module to have defects are hard to identify,(More)