Gabriela Sangiorgi

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INTRODUCTION Sepsis, a leading cause of death in critically ill patients, is the result of complex interactions between the infecting microorganisms and the host responses that influence clinical outcomes. We evaluated the prognostic value of presepsin (sCD14-ST), a novel biomarker of bacterial infection, and compared it with procalcitonin (PCT). METHODS(More)
Vertical aerosol profiles were directly measured over the city of Milan during three years (2005–2008) of field campaigns. An optical particle counter, a portable meteorological station and a miniaturized cascade impactor were deployed on a tethered balloon. More than 300 vertical profiles were measured, both in winter and summer, mainly in conditions of(More)
Chemical and dynamical processes lead to the formation of aerosol layers in the upper planetary boundary layer (PBL) and above it. Through vertical mixing and entrainment into the PBL these layers may contribute to the ground-level particulate matter (PM); however, to date a quantitative assessment of such a contribution has not been carried out. This study(More)
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