Gabriela S. M. Santos

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An ANN-based automatic classifier for power system disturbance waveforms was developed. Actual voltage waveforms were applied in the training process. Signals were processed in two steps: i) decomposition through wavelet transformation up to the 5th decomposition level; ii) the resultant wavelet coefficients are processed via PCA, reducing the input space(More)
This paper presents a method to classify the current polluted level on insulator surfaces, i.e., to diagnose the operational conditions of the electrical system isolation through pattern recognition techniques using the ultrasonic signals obtained from surface discharges on outdoor insulators. Pattern extraction techniques on the input signals by Artificial(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that maxillary development may be affected by occlusal support. MATERIALS AND METHODS The sample was composed by Wistar rats (5 weeks old) divided into three groups: Control (n = 10), extraction of mandibular molar teeth - left side (n = 10), extraction mandibular molar teeth - left and right sides (n = 10). The rats were(More)
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