Gabriela Ramos-Clamont Montfort

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Lactoferrin (Lf) is an iron binding multifunctional glycoprotein that is present in several mucosal secretions like milk, tears and saliva. Lf is also an abundant component of the specific granules of neutrophils and can be released into the serum upon neutrophil degranulation. One of the functions of this protein is the transport of metals, but it is also(More)
Enterotoxigenic (ETEC) Escherichia coli (E. coli) causes traveller's diarrhoea and high mortality among baby animals. ETEC adhesion is mediated by lectins (adhesins) that bind to glycoconjugates on the surface of host cells. Glycans that compete for adhesion could be used for disease prevention. Neoglycans of porcine albumin (PSA) that were conjugated with(More)
There are very few reports on the self-assembly of peptides derived from proteins of agro industrial byproducts origin. Although it has been claimed that purity is a determining factor in peptide self-assembly, whether proteins extracted using water along with other components also form self-assembled structures is not known. The results of this work prove(More)
The formulation and characterization of gentamicin-loaded microspheres as a delivery system targeting enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli K88 (E. coli K88) was investigated. Glycated albumin with lactose (BSA-glucose-β (4-1) galactose) was used as the microsphere matrix (MS-Lac) and gentamicin included as the transported antibiotic. The proposed target(More)
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