Gabriela Pascale

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We report on measurements of hadronic and leptonic cross sections and leptonic forwardbackward asymmetries performed with the L3 detector in the years 1993–95. A total luminosity of 103 pb−1 was collected at centre-of-mass energies √ s ≈ mZ and √s ≈ mZ±1.8 GeV which corresponds to 2.5 million hadronic and 245 thousand leptonic events selected. These data(More)
Safety statistics data from the US Federal Railroad Administration(1) indicate that train accidents caused by track failures including rail, joint bars and anchoring resulted in 2700 derailments and $441M in direct costs during the decade 1992-2002. The associated indirect costs due to disruptions of service are considered to be at least equally(More)
The complexity of water bodies in the eu-potamal river corridor and the main delta channels of the Romanian Danube is exemplified by the macrophyte vegetation. Two hypotheses provided the background for our study: (a) is the macrophyte vegetation of large, permanently connected branches significantly separated from that of the main river channel; (b) is the(More)
M. Acciarri 25 A. Adam 43, O. Adriani 15, M. Aguilar-Benitez 24, S. Ahlen 9, J. Alcaraz 16, A. Aloisio 27, G. Alverson t~ M.G. Alviggi 27, G. Ambrosi 32, Q. An 17, H. Anderhub 46, A.L. Anderson t4, V.P. Andreev 36, T. Angelescu 11, L. Antonov 4~ D. Antreasyan 7, G. Alkhazov 36, P. Arce 24, A. Arefiev 26, T. Azemoon 3, T. Aziz 8, P.V.K.S. Baba iT, P. Bagnaia(More)
We present a combined measurement of Rb = Γ (Z → bb̄)/Γ (Z → hadrons) and the semileptonic branching ratio of b quarks in Z decays, Br(b → `νX), using double-tag methods. Two analyses are performed on one million hadronic Z decays collected in 1994 and 1995. The first analysis exploits the capabilities of the silicon microvertex detector. The tagging of(More)
Time-dependent B-B̄ mixing is studied using about two million hadronic Z decays registered by L3 in 1994 and 1995. For this study three techniques are used. Tagging of the b-quark charge at decay time is performed by identifying leptons from semileptonic B decays. The flavour of the b quark at production time is determined from the charge of the lepton in(More)
  • H . R . Gustafsonc, L . J . Gutay, +121 authors G . Sultanovr
  • 2017
We report on a detailed study of the energy and particle flow in the event plane of three-jet events (qqg) and radiative two-jet events (qqy) in hadronic Z decays recorded with the L3 detector. We find a significant decrease in particle and energy density in the angular region between quark and antiquark jets for qqg events as compared with qqy events.(More)
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