Gabriela Naftali

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The evolutionary significance of interspecific aggression as a factor in speciation was tested among three chromosome forms of the actively speciating fossorial rodent Spalax ehrenbergi in Israel. Laboratory experiments testing intra- and interspecific aggression were conducted on 48 adult animals from 10 populations comprising three chromosome forms with(More)
Three chromosome forms of the mole rat, Spalax ehrenbergi, 2n = 52, 2n = 58 and 2n = 60 were studied in an especially designed apparatus which simulated a natural territorial situation by permitting the animal free movement into and out of its home cage. Observed were variables representing agonistic, conflict and territorial behaviour. The data were(More)
BACKGROUND Overuse and abuse of antibiotics is a major cause of microbial resistance. Within the hospital setting such overuse necessitates real-time supervision by infectious diseases (ID) specialists. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the impact of a recently introduced computerized antibiotic authorization system on the pharmacy budget. METHODS The study was(More)
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