Gabriela Marín

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The positioning of nodes in a sensor network has an effect in its performance. In this paper, two predefined configurations are compared to the random distribution to gauge the magnitude of the effect on energy consumption of each type of sensor allocation. The experiments assume a flat, obstacle free, rectangular field, with Directed Diffusion used as(More)
Low participation of women in Computer Science (CS) has been documented in some countries. Since this phenomenon occurs in the Computer Science and Informatics Department at the Universidad de Costa Rica, we decided to investigate if there were gender differences in some factors, both motivating and inhibiting students to enter the field. Our main purpose(More)
In recent times a dramatically decreasing tendency in female participation in Computer Science has been documented around the world. When this occurs, it creates a series of problems that must be addressed. For the case of the undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science and Informatics at the Universidad de Costa Rica, we present evidence that(More)
To our knowledge, this is the largest study evaluating relationships between 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and P300 and memory/cognitive tests in the literature. The 3T MRI using NeuroQuant has an increased resolution 15 times that of 1.5T MRI. Utilizing NeuroQuant 3T MRI as a diagnostic tool in primary care, subjects (N=169; 19-90 years) displayed(More)