Gabriela Lourençon Ioshimoto

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PURPOSE To determine the half-life of mycophenolic acid (MPA) in the vitreous of New Zealand albino rabbits after intravitreal injection and the retinal toxicity of different doses of MPA. METHODS Ten micrograms of MPA (Roche Bioscience, Palo Alto, CA) was injected in the vitreous of 16 rabbits, animals were sacrificed at different time-points, and(More)
OBJECTIVES Acute retinal necrosis is a rapidly progressive and devastating viral retinitis caused by the herpesvirus family. Systemic acyclovir is the treatment of choice; however, the progression of retinal lesions ceases approximately 2 days after treatment initiation. An intravitreal injection of acyclovir may be used an adjuvant therapy during the first(More)
OBJECTIVE to determine the functional and morphological effects at rabbits retina of PS80 concentration used in the preparation of intravitreal drugs. METHODS eleven New Zealand rabbits received a intravitreal injection of 0.1ml of PS80. As control, the contralateral eye of each rabbit received the same volume of saline. Electroretinography was performed(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the ocular toxicity of escalating doses of intravitreous adalimumab (Humira®) in the rabbit eye. METHODS Thirty New Zealand albino rabbits received intravitreous injections of 0.5 mg (6 eyes), 1.0 mg (6 eyes), 2.5 mg (6 eyes), 5 mg (6 eyes), and 10 mg (6 eyes) adalimumab. Slit lamp biomicroscopy and fundoscopy were carried out at(More)
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